Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I googled whimsy, a concept I am rather fond of, and came across this charming company Whimsy Press with a great website and cheeky products.  It's American which won't help my British pals but worth  goggling at I hope. For those with dollars to burn I notice that there's a 60 per cent-off-every-product clearance sale right now. That was clever of me.

This box of cards would look nice on one's desk

And this too

Cupcake crazy  notebook

A non-cheesy giftwrap for dudes

Fab double-sided giftwrap
'You are way less  annoying than most people'  
 suggested as a sexual-harassment-free greeting card

And my favourite (oh surely not) The Bitch Box of  cards

Check Whimsy Press for all manner of witty and pretty gifts, giftwraps, cards and even 'onesies' for babies.  Also find handy hints on presentation. (Guys, this will save you money on expensive giftwrapping services. Perhaps.)


  1. Oh cool - looks like a great site!

  2. Thanks 'please sir', I've been following yours for ages! Great that you've been here.


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