Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hat Shock

Clearly, I had internalised this..

and this..

when I saw a couture hat in a beautiful shop in Berlin a year or so back.  I tried it on and it looked fabulous darling!  But being a little small, I asked them to make me another that would be more comfortable. I don't recall asking them to scale the whole thing up.  When a large pink box arrived in London I could barely contain my excitement until...

The look of dismay on my face was occasioned by the entry of the artist formerly known as my husband who not only roared with laughter but started singing Haul 'Em Down You Zulu Warriors!  a number more often heard in the communal bath after a rugby match.  Ok, he's still my husband.  

I took a deep breath and strimmed it, leaving road kill all over the bedroom floor. And I can now wear it out in public without a couple of stiff gins. 

 Nice to know I'm in good company.


  1. Tears are rolling down my cheeks--of laughter and empathy. Been there.

  2. Too much fun! Dare I ask for an "after" photo? It is sublime, I am sure...Reggie

  3. Thank you you for making my Monday morning more marvellous!

  4. Marvelous, Lady West!
    And there's nothing more attractive than a person who is unafraid
    to poke fun at herself.

  5. Thanks chaps! You made it all gloriously worthwhile. xx

  6. Sensational. From one hat lover to another, just strike a pose and go for it. I had a winter hat trimmed to the brim with feathers. I wore it on a trip to Chicago. In the twilight zone between day and night cabs, we were stuck with no cab in sight. Then came a cab out of no where and stopped right in front of us. The cabbie said he was off duty but his mother and auntie would never forgive him for passing up a lady wearing such a great hat. Trust in the hat!

    p.s. Have you read 'Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats?' Wonderful!

  7. hilarious! i would have had at it with a pair of clippers, too!

  8. I adore hats, big Edwardian picture hats in particular and wear them all the time. That era provided a great look for women that really only ended when smaller, more head hugging cloches etc arrived.

    But a big fluffy pile of random feathers? hehe no, I don't think so :)

  9. Rosie, I return to say, you are gorgeous!(make that !!! ) I saw, I came back, I laughed with you. I know there have been improvements since, but maybe tipping the ends with a pincurl or two will help. Congrats on the forthcoming Storm II- xo, Gaye

  10. There's a little bit of Syd Barret in that hat, but you're nowhere near the depths of sartorial error:


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