Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Monday, 25 March 2013

Dog Watch*

*Dog watch, in  marine or  naval terminology, is a watch, a period of work duty or a work shift, between 1600 and 2000 (4pm and 8pm). This period is split into two, with the 'first' dog watch from 1600 to 1800 (4pm to 6pm) and the 'last' dog watch from 1800 to 2000 (6pm to 8pm) (there is no 'second' dog watch). Each of these watches is half the length of a standard watch.  [Wikipedia]

Staying  with old friends in  Cornwall  at the weekend, we were greeted by this charming little sentinel on our return from a walk.  When I suggested to the wife that I might email her husband with this photograph, she said "Why?  He sees it every day."  It made Finny's lone vigil all the more poignant, I thought.

Here she is on my husband's lap feeling much more at home.  

Images © Rosie West 2013

Sunday, 17 March 2013

I Come Clean..

Does anybody else suffer from  Intermittent Domestic Goddess/Domestic Whore syndrome?  Not much routine, not much motivation until you want to scream?  

The answer, I've found, is the humble kitchen timer.  Faced with some boring household chore I give myself so many minutes then  OFF  I  GO  and try to beat the clock. It's kinda fun.

Voila! Here is what I did to my study in 45 minutes today.  I'm sure some people will hardly be able to spot the difference (like my sisters?)  but this is how I like it.

This cartoon is by the late great David Austin, who worked on The Guardian.  Many years ago I cheekily wrote and asked him for it and he sent me the original.  It seemed to resonate with the wise advice of one of my kids' godfathers: "When you have children, keep your standards..  DOWN." 

All images © Rosie West

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothering Sunday : England

We celebrate Mothering Sunday in Britain today.  I made this  drawing from a sculpture at the V and A's  Museum of Childhood  in  Bethnal Green, East London a couple of days ago. I regret I failed to make a note of its maker because there was a constant stream of excited kids stopping to touch its silky well-loved terracotta surface.

 The Museum of Childhood is just a short walk across Victoria Park from me and a favourite destination for my grandchildren as well as my own inner child.  Being the most benign and child-friendly of spaces, there can be a dementing amount of noise and clatter but never mind.

Have a look at the Museum's website and be transported and enchanted.  There is something nostalgic for all ages - the museum archives the latest trends in toys as well as some of the most exquisite antique dolls, doll houses and rocking horses.  Curators over time have made sure to document changing conditions of childhood, always with insight and tenderness. 

Inspired, I made this little animation  with the help of my i-phone to celebrate my grandson Storm's "white belt senior" in Choi Kwang Do.

images © Rosie West

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