Friday, 21 December 2012

The only Christmas present I can think to give you is The Nutcracker performed by the Royal Ballet at London's Royal Opera House in 2009.   The Guardian presents a full-length film of the production (in two parts) on its website,  free, gratis and yes, on "the House".  Running on the website for a week from 19 December,catch it quick if you want to be enchanted and transported to the land of the sugar plum fairy. Absolutely magical.  Here.

I was lucky enough recently to be at a  concert featuring  The Nutcracker by the young Docklands Sinfonia Orchestra at St. Anne's Limehouse, a magnificent Hawksmoor church in London's East End.  Under the baton of the talented and imaginative Spencer Downs, it wasn't  just any performance however because it was illustrated in time to the music on a big screen by celebrated and much-loved children's author James Mayhew.  See his report of it and my tribute to him here. 

Monday, 17 December 2012

BACK from the Blue

If you thought I had committed blog suicide, so did I, yikes - having posted nothing since August. So I am just back from the brink with  a desperate offering of random leaves from my sketch book until I get some more inspiration.  Hello to all my old chums whose blogs I've neglected to read as well. Why?  I dunno. Sorry!

 Flamenco after El Jaleo by John Singer Sargent


 Peep Toes


Toy horses


All images ©  Rosie West 2012
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