Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Jackie Kennedy in India

It's grey, it's chilly so why not have a dose of Jackie Kennedy's luminous charm and India's dazzling warmth. You couldn't have a more magical combination. These pictures were taken on her goodwill tour with President Kennedy in March 1962. One of my all-time favourite dresses is the apricot silk with the flat bow at the waist, part of the glorious wardrobe that Oleg Cassini provided for her. And please note her gloves!

With these images I am celebrating the fact that Google has teamed up with LIFE magazine to put their whole archive on line from which these are taken.


  1. Oh wow these are amazing photos!

  2. Beautiful, I love the gloves and totally agree about the apricot dress. Stunning and so elegant.. I want, I want! xx

  3. I love all of Jackie's clothes from the 1962
    trip..that was the year I graduated from
    high school..and Jackie looked like a queen
    to me in her beautiful clothes back then.

  4. Thank you JoMarTaSmall! I so wanted to be like her at the time. Her wardrobe was the best ever in my book.


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