Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Acme of Chic

How elegant is this? I asked what had happened to opera gloves in my first post and this looks like the perfect way to reinvent them. Harriet Quick is Vogue's Fashion Features Director and here she stands out as a beacon of le bon ton. This photo comes from an article in this April's issue of British Vogue contrasting the 'Alt[ernative] Chic' chicks with the 'gilded priestesses of high chic'.

"High chic is a step beyond just looking pulled together: it's about pulling back, too. The rule of thumb is to dress simply. Let statement shoes or jewellery - and a glossy beauty regime - do all the work. Nothing short of perfection will do." Hmmm.


  1. I love the look of opera gloves, but I do indeed find them difficult to wear. They say you're not suppose to eat in your gloves, but what about a cocktail... do you have to remove your gloves for the hor d'oeuvre hour? And then what do you do with them? At a black tie dinner I sat them on my lap, forgot about them when I stood later in the meal, and they slipped onto the floor and under the table where I then had to leave them as it would be un-lady-like to crawl under the table to retrieve them! As they were an expensive pair I was sad to lose them, but couldn't figure a way out of the situation! Such are the dilemas in life!

  2. And does one smoke in opera gloves? presumably only with a long tortoiseshell holder. The ones that button at the wrist: you can slip your hand out and they droop strangely, but that's what my mother did sometimes. Anyway, these are the least of my problems; I can't fit them over my upper arms.

    Oh darling you shouldn't have abandoned yours under the table. People would have loved the sight of you on your hands and knees, so long as you didn't bump your head on the way out. Or
    you should have found a Sir Galahad to retrieve them. Not very long ago, a friend of mine was sitting next to the Duke of Edinburgh at dinner. She dropped her evening bag and lipsticks and everything rolled across the floor. His Royal Highness got down and picked it all up for her.. he must have been about 80 at the time! Who says he's an old curmudgeon!

  3. I wish gloves in general would come back - for men and women. They're so chic!


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