Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunday Supplement: My Wish List

When I long to own things I draw them instead. It helps.

A Hastens bed from Sweden

A Bestlite

Lantern inspired by the Brighton Pavilion from Lucy and Michael Vaughan at

Plaster cast from The British Museum shop

Image top: vase from a museum in Beijing


  1. GORGEOUS watercolors!!! You, my dear, have serious talent!! I love the comment "When I long to own things I draw them instead"... perhaps I photograph things I'd love to own!

  2. Thank you Toma. You are a great and kind supporter of my blog. I wish I had the chance to visit all the places that you recommend and document so thoughtfully. What's the deal on Wine Guy's beard then? Is it gonna stay? Rosie

  3. Beautiful! The chinoiserie lantern is gorgeous!! I want that too.

  4. Thank you Jennifer. At over £2,000 we could perhaps find a way of sharing it!

  5. And I would give my big toe for your sketch of the vase up top. I'm a new fan of your blog - and, I think, of you.
    AB, Pretoria, South Africa

  6. AB from SA - that is such a nice comment thank you! If I hadn't already given that drawing to my daughter in the form of a birthday card, you could have had it and retained all your toes! Sorry, that's not much comfort now is it.


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