Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Men and Shirtsleeves

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Are short-sleeved shirts naff? Should a gentleman simply roll up his sleeves when he's hot? I think we have the answer here. This was such a good look for Barack Obama on the campaign trail but I'm keeping out of the debate whether it's suitable for the Oval Office.

I hope it catches on because a proper shirt with truncated arms tends to smack of an unwanted Christmas present. To go with a pair of polyester slacks or pleat-fronted chinos. I don't know about naff. Just too well-behaved. And it's not a good look with the sleeves of your singlet poking out. Why would you do that?

Uniforms are different, aren't they? I was in a motorcade in Santiago and utterly transfixed by the motorbike cop ahead in tight cord breeches and tight little shirt and gorgeous brown arms. He was in magnificent command of the traffic flow. Approaching a crossroads he would stand on the foot rests and hold his arms out in crucifix mode, a sight that I could only treasure. Later on, in slow moving traffic a motorist of the female variety collided with him and knocked him straight into my door of the car. I loved him even more for the fact he just exchanged a few words with her and sent her on her way. What was I saying about shirts?

Hmm, I think my argument is beginning to unravel. I adore this geek in his Marc Jacobs s/s shirt. He looks well-behaved in rather a dangerous way.

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