Friday, 6 March 2009

Auto Interview No. 2

Hi Pompom, how's it going?

It's feeling good.  I'm now self-medicating with my blog instead of Battenberg cakes. I've got a few posts up here which has surprised me.

I'm confused about the Pompom thing

Me too, I got in a bit of a mess with the technology.  My original google account was Pompom but I've changed it to Rose C'est La Vie now, which seems sensible in the circumstances.  But pompom is one of my favourite words.

Have you got many subscribers?

No, not enough really. Well, if you don't count my loving family and a few pals. I need more.

Is the eclectic mix working?

I don't know. I panic sometimes but it's a reflection of my butterfly mind.  My life's mission statement has always been 'I was put on this earth to be enjoyed and not to be judged'  I didn't make that up and it's a bit of a cheek but what the hell.

Managed to fit the housework in around the blogging?



  1. "Got many subscribers?" -

    My advice, "give it time", you've got a great line up of ponderings that are certain to pull readers in! I subscribe to the theory, "if you blog it, they will come!"


  2. Thank you Toma. I'll just blog on.. Great to have some encouraging feedback.


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