Saturday, 21 March 2009

How do you like this?

Sweeter than a bag of liquorice allsorts or a bubblegum dystopia? This is designer Karim Rashid's new loft space in New York in which he invited his new wife Ivana Puric to select her favourite pieces of furniture. On one condition however, that they were all his own designs.

I love the playful atmosphere, reminiscent of Charles and Ray Eames, and the use of pink is definitely very grown up. With tangerine, with scarlet, with black and white, with li'l hints of turquoise I think it becomes gender neutral but Rashid puts it this way: "So many men have issues with anything they consider feminine. I'm trying to break down those gender differences. I want every product I design to soften the world. It is already so masculine." Well I guess you're spot on, Rashid.

In an interview with Guardian Weekend he gives this advice: "Colour is an inexpensive decorative tool. Too often people are afraid to use it. You don't have to coordinate it - you might just paint one wall. Muted colours or pastels work easily; primaries are obviously more of a challenge." We kind of knew that but we could give his palette a try perhaps. Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen.

Image taken from Guardian Weekend 21.03.09

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