Thursday, 12 March 2009

My Li'l Pony

I was one of those girls who longed for a pony but had to make do with an imaginary horsey friend and a lot of sound effects. Unlike some sympathetic parents I knew who actually built authentic jumps in the garden for their daughter and her phantom pony, I just fantasised about a clear round at a gymkhana. When I grew up I took a few riding lessons but to be honest, I'm pretty frightened of the real thing. After the first session, I came home with a breathless account of how they left alone me in the stableyard with my new mount. Asked if I was 'up', it seemed to cause amusement when I confessed that no, I was only standing there holding the flipping reins. I persevered and managed to trot without stirrups (what's the point of that?) and then something interrupted the whole business, like finding I was expecting a baby. So that's moreorless the size of it but somehow I'm determined not to go to my grave without managing a canter.

Meanwhile the safer option was back at the drawing board. Here I have worked from images of serious horsewomen and infantilised them somewhat by the use of colour to express that longing that so many girls never have a chance to fulfill.

All images, both digital and acrylic on canvas, are the copyright of Rosie West

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