Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Supplement: Out of Vogue

What do you do with your old copies of Vogue?

Images © Vogue & © Rosie West


  1. You give them to your daughter so she can sell them on ebay to support her camera habit!
    Love these, great idea, not usually my style but I think the third one down looks beautiful - love the cover too....
    You're so clever! xxx

  2. Fashion mags, I let go of or pass on, but decor mags I find it hard to let go of as I pour over every detail.

  3. Patricia, I only have room in my house to stockpile World of Interiors. And then I try not to buy too many Vogues as I hate to throw them away. or I just desecrate them like this!

  4. I take them to our Book Thing, which gives everything away FREE!

  5. I simply adore these desecrations RCLV!
    Your blog is an antidote to the blogs i am reading for work at my desk in Kentish Town today.
    All love from J and I

  6. Thanks for all your comments. Much appreciated to have support from someone in Kentish Town. Trying to imagine the TellyWilly /J and I axis , which blogs you read for work - and interested to know where you found me. email me! Rosie

  7. Now this is fascinating. There are Vogues and Bazaars going back to 1960
    and at a certain point in time I vandalized some of them for use in collages (well, I was a first year art student) and now I could shoot myself.
    Then again, they were vintage editions, perhaps less worthy of artistic
    ""enhancement" than something published in recent years.

  8. I don't vandalise all of them I confess! I have lots from the 80s and 90s in the attic but like you, could shoot myself over those from the 60s. RIP

    Thanks Toby.

  9. Love this!!!! now I know what to do- typically they pile pile pile up- I go thru them some go out -some return to pile G


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