Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Some Enchanted Evening

South Pacific, ohh. Mitzi Gaynor's ball gown, with its lavender gingham bias cut bodice, and white chiffon skirt wafting around the paradise garden in the moonlight is one of my all-time favourite dresses. It has stayed, magically elusive, in my memory.
This is the only picture I could find on the internet and if anybody can capture more images of it from the film, I'll make a drawing of it and send it to them! Oh do try someone, please.


  1. let me do a little research, my Mom loved her...

  2. If only that image had been used on the album cover
    instead of the cheesy over-lighted one we've grown so accustomed
    to! No doubt you could, with your skills, revamp it...

  3. pve -oh please do for your mom's and my sake!

    Toby, I completely agree about the disappointing album cover. How often does that happen with great films. Thank you for a fine compliment!

  4. That dress is wonderful - it looks like something I'd have asked my mother to make for me!


  5. Thank you Lana. I did get my mother to make me something out of a pale turquoise big gingham check fabric that I pinched off my sister. It was a bikini and sarong.. those were the days! But I still long for a dress like that.


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