Saturday, 16 May 2009

Auto Interview IV - I interview myself if you hadn't guessed.

Good Morning Rosie, Did you sleep well?
Yes thank you. I dreamt about a Guardian journalist but we kept our clothes on.

I know.

How is Rose C’est La Vie going?
Not bad , bit of a time-suck.

What has it prevented you doing?
Playing Bejeweled. Actually it hasn’t, ouch.

Are you getting feedback now?
Yup, I have some stalwart readers and if only they could know how much I love them for it.

Any others?
Yes, yes. Brilliant.

Any Problems With the Technology?
Some malevolent spirit in the machine removed two pictures from my last post. And did you know that if you tinker about with a published post, the people who receive it by email get every amended version? Uh oh, my post Doctors & Nurses went under the knife half a dozen times. Sorry.

Why would you do that?
Too embarrassed to tell you. Ok, it was how to describe the hospital doctors. They went from gorgeous to fine to professional to concerned and back to gorgeous, dammit.

Have you stopped thinking about them now?

What are your most favourite posts?
The Oscar goes to the prolific An Aesthete’s Lament for including so many British luminaries, eccentrics, beauties, bad girls. Look to the right to see the rest of the list.

What’s The Way Ahead for Rose C’est La Vie?
More to do with the semiotics of dress phwarrrrgh. Seriously, a mixture of the frivolous and the more grown-up.

Have you organised meals for the weekend?


  1. terrific interview- add 'la' to your stalwart readers. (and no I've never been to 'LA') G

  2. ah, thank you la. hope not to disappoint you. Rosie

  3. POsted at 05.50! Naughty naughty mouton cadet!
    Lovely interview, the last question is my favorite..

  4. Jesus, if I could paint draw/colour interiors the way you can do (the interiors of) shoes, I'd die a happy man....

  5. Jesus, if I could just get off the Prozac....


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