Friday, 29 May 2009

The Magic of The British Bandstand

I've plundered these pictures from Vintage Bandstands
because they're whimsical in design (sometimes oriental, sometimes wedding cakey) and evocative of the innocent pleasures of promenading on a fine day and settling down on a deckchair to listen to a very jolly brass band, a military orchestra, local musicians.. They are also fine examples of old postcard art.

Locations Top to Bottom: Westcliffe-on-Sea; Southend-on-Sea; Leeds; Newcastle; Margate; Kirkaldy; Hastings; Eastbourne; Dovercourt; Clacton-on-Sea.
The Vintage Bandstands site includes many more 'overseas' from Algeria through The USA to the Virgin Islands . Too lush for words.

Finally, fromWikipedia, this fantastic bandstand from the 1930s in Eastbourne


  1. Such a lovely collection of images of another time -
    thanks for the link .
    I must stroll by and take a look.

    Love your blog-


  2. Judith, thank you so much for your nice comments and for visiting Lulu Guinness!
    Check out the bandstand website for lots of the American variety!

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  4. Thank you! I am sure you noticed the oriental influence.

  5. I love Edwardian bandstands and have located quite a number in Australia that are still standing and still in good order (

    But some of your British bandstands are nicer because you can see the beach behind the musicians. To Edwardian visitors, that must have been blissful in summer.

    Thanks for the link.


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