Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday Supplement: A Fetish for Shoes

Last year I had the dream job providing a range of illustrations and sketchbooks for a film called The Other Man starring Laura Linney as a shoe designer with Liam Neeson as her husband and Antonio Banderas as her lover. Who knows what's happened to the film now? It premiered at various festivals and hasn't been seen since. I can't believe it, I'm desperate to see it.

Here are some of the drawings I gave them for the set dressing. The one I know for sure that they used was the one above.

Don't laugh, I know it's pathetic.. but that's it! If I normally worked on feature films I could be a little more blasé about it. But I don't, and I can't be.

This design was made into a wallpaper in another colourway for Lisa Carentis (Laura Linney)'s gorgeous shoe shop

The film used shoes by Rupert Sanderson with a Lisa Carentis label inside

All images © Rosie West


  1. ... and the shoe must go on. simply stunning shoes.

  2. Thank you so much pve. And a great quip.

  3. They are lovely and I understand the fetish!

  4. Rosie,
    These are sensational!! The first one really knocks Andy Warhol out of the picture...!! And how can one be "blasee" about doing images for a major motion picture - I'd be shouting it from every mountain top!! You Rock (okay, this is horrible american slang, but it's true - you rock!).

  5. they are amazing!! do you sell your illustrations, I love them ALL!!!!


  6. Your illustrations are absolutely amazing!! I love your style. Please keep us informed when you find out when this movie is to be released. Liam Neeson is one of my favourite actors.
    Well done!!!!!

  7. Thank you all for fantastically kind comments.
    Leticia, yes I do sell my illustrations although these particular ones are not available, except the red Fetish Shoe.

    I can illustrate your favourite shoe if you send a good image.. either your own shoe or one from a magazine perhaps.

    Email me:

  8. This is a great post too RCLV. Wish i knew what had happened to the movie too... and it seemed to have such a good pedigree!
    Good though to have a pic of your shoe in the frame with dear Liam Neeson. In fact, it strips away a little of the mystique of the stars if your work is in there with them, don't you think?

  9. Hey! I just bought a pair of red shoes on the internet by Rupert Sanderson (stamped on the bottom) with a Lisa Carentis label on the inside! I decided to research the shoe a little more. I guess I'm a lucky girl if they are high quality leather, Rupert Sanderson, AND used in a movie! They are the exact shoe in the last two drawings. I'm going to wear them with my wedding whites.

  10. Anonymous, that's a brilliant story thank you! I remember all the discussion about which shoemaker to use and the labels being made. If you look at this post
    you will see the shoe shop in the set. You should be able to get the DVD.
    What colour are yours? Do email me - this is fun! (Find it on my profile)


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