Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday Supplement: Back to Nature

I confess these watercolour paintings were not done en plein air but the images are taken from
Lost Gardens of England from the Archives of Country Life by Kathryn Bradley-Hole, Aurum Press 2004
© Rosie West


  1. i was just breathing in that old english air when i read that you painted them from photos. Magic.
    Very inspiring your blog rosie
    juls xx

  2. Thank you for such a kind comment, juls. When I paint straight from nature it's better in a way but I find it so difficult getting it all in on the page! The outdoors isn't really my metier but I am encouraged to try harder now.

  3. these are so lovely.the boat in foreground is my favorite. G

  4. These are so quiet and beautiful. And a bit mysterious too.


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