Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday Supplement : More My Li'l Pony

These images continue the My Li'l Pony theme of an earlier post. I conjure a fantasy which is a curious mixture of the infantile and the faintly erotic in an attempt to say something about a girl's relationship with her pony?

(Somehow, a chap seems to have entered the mix..)

All images © Rosie West


  1. i have to tell you....i am a frustrated artist, AND an equestrian.
    these are sick gorgeous !!
    love them.

    i love your work !

  2. Renee, your kind comment much appreciated. An enthusiast for my horsey work at last! These A4 digital prints are not expensive!

  3. Great that you have put these up at last, though if only people could see how Magnif they look in the flesh!
    Well done RCLV.. flawless!
    Just receievd the invote for the 10th June; love it, and we'd love to come. But we'll be seeing you before then anyway..
    all love,

  4. just discovered your blog via little augury - love the vibrant and fun equestrian paintings - looking forward to reading more -

  5. Thank you Marnie. In the same way, I 've just discovered your fabulous blog! How satisfactory!


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