Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Generation Game: The Distaff Side

For the distaff side of my family, I  recently came across this crumpled photo of me with my daughter Olivia, as embellished by her.  I was presented with it by way of a birthday card a few years ago.  As  she has become a photographer herself (with her own blog) I hope she will now treat other people's work with more respect!  This  and the one below were taken by artist Peter Glover, an old friend of ours.

We looked rather more like this at the time.

My mother Mitzi with me. I remember that dress.  I wrote about her here.

My grandmother Ethel with my mother.  I could only find this image of her superimposed with a fragment of a sort of poem I wrote about her once.  Like my maternal grandfather I never knew her or very much about her but nothing ill was spoken of her.  She ended her life in London but had once run a club for gentlemen in Durban, South Africa or possibly in Laurenco Marques, now called Maputo in Mozambique. My mother said that this probably accounted for smart chaps in London's St. James tipping their hat to her. Funny the things you remember.   She was married to my raffish grandfather here.  

And finally, I have a granddaughter of my own.  

Arabella India Rose born in May this year with my daughter-in-law Joan (neé Gibbons)


  1. Your daughter's embellishments are very good! You don't say at what age she effected them, but I am not surprised to learn that she has embarked on a creative career.

  2. i think she was moderately grown up at the time.. whatever that means. I am pleased with the effect, I confess.

  3. If I had enough hair, I'd get the hairdo your daughter is sporting in the first photo. Something about it says "adventure".

  4. I love the blue hairstyle Olivia's given herself! Beautiful picture of you in the second shot xx


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