Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Washing Up and Stuff

A woman is washing up and clearing away the dishes after Sunday lunch.  She's going on about her marriage and her thwarted ambitions.  Is that all there is to her life?

A short but disturbing film  'Washing Up'  was made by my eldest son Will West.  It stars the wonderful Pam Miles who happens to be married to distinguished British actor Tim Pigott-Smith. Their son, Tom,  composed the score. So rather a family affair.  Oh , and it was my debut as an art director!  

 It lasts six minutes. 



  1. Very compelling- one wonders how 30 years can be wasted? a slow build to death or life? besides all the lingering questions-your place looks great, china, cutlery- perfect Art Direction. GT

  2. Beautifully done. I haven't seen many recent releases, but I definitely remember Tim from the Jewel in the Crown. He had a kind of sleek restraint in his portrayal of a right bastard, as I recall. I never saw its like again until I entered the world of work. Dead on.

  3. You remember Jewel In the Curry (as it came to be known in our household) too! It stays on in my mind as well. Tim P-S in starched khaki shorts becoming wistful as he listened to Au Clair de l Lune. Will never forget it. I keep expecting him to be a bastard but he couldn't be more charming. He must have suffered from that.

  4. Disturbing, as you say.
    Yet who hasn't had those thoughts on occasion, and why do they always
    engulf one at the kitchen sink? Or at the kitchen counter, which often
    seems to me the altar upon which precious time is sacrificed...

  5. not just me, then Toby? ! I'm a bit worried about all the coincidences in my son's film!

  6. You know the kitchen sink is an altar of sorts- We have over a dozen photographs of my lovely Mom standing there. Many thoughts must and do pass there- one wonders? the water-cleansing, must evoke a confession of sorts- some baptismal font? GT

  7. What a great take on a place I hate, Gaye!

  8. Watched this with tea and toast this morning. Thankfully had already consumed toast before bloody knives were revealed. Like the muted colour-age of it all. A sort of pastel-Almodovar.


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