Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sister Act

I dedicate this to my three lovely older sisters. I saw White Christmas as a child and wanted this costume so badly.

That gorgeous night club  in full. This is also dedicated to Toby Worthington who reminded me of Rosemary Clooney's torch song 'Love, you didn't do right by me' and Stefan of Architect Design who just loves Rosemary Clooney . It's also for everyone who laments the fact that these divine, sophisticated nighteries no longer exist.


  1. Rosie, as mentioned I just watched this,& I always add some new dialog or recite along.It is completely worth watching for this scene and the reprise by Danny Kaye and Bingle.of Vera Ellen's amazingly tiny waist rumour was that she might be battling an eating disorder.Time after time watching the thing-Danny Kaye steals the show and that tiny waist too. Great fun.

  2. Would that they still existed, the nighteries, divine and sophisticated! For me in 1954, it would have been Unforgettable by Nat King Cole or a certain smile by Johnny Mathis.

  3. mmm, yes, Blue. I might even get those from I-tunes now.

    LA - Rosemary Clooney's waist is nicer! And they've both got such well-turned ankles oh.

  4. I've already watched this movie 3 times this month with christmas as the 'excuse'! LOVE each song and am so pleased to have this dedicated to myself! Of course, one can't forget when Bing and Danny come out in semi-drag to perform sisters to the record :-)

  5. Rosie, you've made my morning so much nicer with your generous inclusion of Miss Clooney's big torch number. Great song, marvelous
    voice, and yes, it must have killed her in later years, to see that slender

  6. Rosemary might be the one selling that song, but the gloves are what drives it to your house and installs it.*
    I still think any club scene from that period is incomplete without a staggering William Holden, but that's just a prejudice of mine.

    *A tip of the hat to James Ellroy.

  7. AD, TW and rurritable: so glad this jingled your bells, chaps!

  8. Thank you for these delicious videos. White Christmas is one of my top 3 favorite movies. Ever. Gushy, over-the-top, lush-budget production. Love it...


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