Saturday, 19 December 2009

That Time of Year

With apologies to Madame Yevonde for messing up her photograph


  1. Are y'all getting snow out that way?

  2. rurritable, yes quite a lot in places. It's coming from Siberia or somewhere. The West is Ok right now. And the Eurostar train has broken down in the Channel Tunnel two nights running. Passengers asked not to breathe deeply to save oxygen. I might have been breathing deeply if I was stuck overnight under the Channel, wouldn't you?

  3. I'd definitely have some trouble with that. The Holland or Lincoln tunnel, no problem, unless there's a lot of water seepage down the sides. If they serve alcohol on the train I'm good to go, even in low oxygen environments.
    I love being on the ocean. The few times I've been deep-sea fishing out in the Gulf Stream were a blast. I'd go just to be on the boat.
    I won't fly anymore, or more correctly, my wife says she won't fly with me unless I've been drugged to syncope.

    I met a woman who worked as a boom operator on a Woody Allen film. She said he suffered a meltdown during one shoot when he discovered the boat they were filming on was not bolted firmly to the dock.

  4. I love being on the ocean but would rather be in it. Voluntarily of course.

  5. Just a note to say I am glad Little Augury pointed you my way. I enjoy not only your blog but your comments. And your last comment at Blue's blog ended up with yet another book order. Look forward to reading, Junichiro Tamizaki's 'In praise of shadows.'

    With more than a thimble full of going nutsoid in a closed space, but in that tunnel would have been worse than a closed MRI! The best of the season to you. May it be rose colored.

  6. Home, you are so kind. But let me thank YOU for all your great and thoughtful comments which make it all worthwhile. I know you will love the Tamizaki book. I am about to read it a third time.

    Just heard about your EEE guest post so I am off there directly.
    Have a great Christmas. I am still psyching myself up for it but currently in anxiety mode. Rosie x

  7. Es ist fantastisch!
    Vielen dank!

  8. Thanks Reggie. And may the leaves on your Weihnachtsbaum not drop off too soon! Rosie

  9. Have a Very Happy New Year in 2010!


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