Saturday, 22 August 2009

Esther Williams Does It For Me

When I reached a particular decade birthday, this was my wish - to be filmed swimming underwater in a sarong with a knife between my teeth. I could play the video on the tv instead of having a fish tank long into my old age.

I realised later that this insistent image of myself originated from the GIRL comic I loved as a kid. It was the one about the pearl diver who rescued the man with his foot stuck in a giant clam. Ok, so I'd leave out the heroics from my own film but, miserably enough, we never got round to making it. (Local swimming pool no good; South Seas good. South Seas out of the question.)

Imagine my joy when I discovered this medley of Esther Williams watery feats of grace and daring. It is all my fantasies rolled into one. For it, I must thank the deliciously eclectic blog Uma foca em Galápagos(click) with whom I share a love of glamorous vintage bathing costumes(click).

[Does anyone have the same problem/know why links don't show up in a different colour? For me, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't]


  1. Yes esther!Amazing hollywood stuff. Rose! a fantasy? did you get the tank? G

  2. Shame the video is so horribly edited, some of those films look amazing - do you know what they are? Would love to see them.
    I share your love of the water............

  3. Wou! The best part is it does make us happy! You're so kind, Rosie... very gorgeous... Thank YOU my darling! :)


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