Friday, 21 August 2009

Air de Fête

Marie Daage Decoration - Creation sur Porcelaine Paris makes my pulse quicken. Many generations of the Daage family were painters of fine Limoges porcelain and Marie studied at the Louvre. Her heritage and education emerge in her ability to mix the traditional and the chic with great distinction. The sublime colour palettes, the circus stripes, the illustrative lightness of touch all give the work, in Marie Daage's own words, an air de fête

Drifting through her beautiful website in a kind of reverie, it occurred to me that you really should be properly dressed to appreciate these gorgeous things...

Look at her achingly beautiful colour chart with names like coq de roch, absinthe, vert flamboyant, mandarine and bleu ardoise.


  1. Rose,setting a table? this site is perfectly beautiful, inspiring post- I should now go and clean the dust off my pieces instead of looking at more- it is irresistible, and I could go for a bowl and spoon most meals(little exclamation!) eek-it is a pretty silver one though- I love formality in caftan. red stripe pj's with red stripe dessert plates may be in order a la your photos. g

  2. Such beauty! Especially loving the china pattern with the cyclamen corm and the blossoms growing from it. My favorite flower!

  3. Imagine ordering a set of porcelain to your specifications from all this choice of pattern and colour mmmm.

  4. Oh, what a beautiful post! I just love all the china and the fashion is tres' chic! I couldn't help but notice the cracked egg vase in the second picture . . . I collect them and I must be on some level a radar . . . my eye went right to it! LOL!

    Thanks for visiting 'Forget the Dishes' and leaving your kind comments . . . yes, the garden is really mine. Nothing compared to some of the glorious gardens we visited in England in 2003 though. We're hoping to make it back again next year . . .

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Well, I didn't notice the cracked egg vase.. I will now! Thanks Teresa.

  6. I love her collection. The colors are wonderful. Her palette is always an inspiration when I am at Maison et Objet.

  7. What can one say about her stuff.. just sublime.


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