Saturday, 15 August 2009

Drink du jour chez moi

A glug of dark rum, the juice of a whole lime*, ice cubes and fiery ginger beer. Or ginger ale perhaps. Oh yes, and fresh mint.
For some reason this is known in our house as a Virgin's Thighs even though there aren't any round here.

* that's for quite a big glass. I admit it.
Picture by © Me


  1. Glug. like that- all good things in this Virgin's Thighs,you know what I mean.

  2. one of my favourites tipples is..

    vodka..very large glug!
    soda or sparkling water,
    and this little fellow...

    some belvoir ginger cordial.. its nice an firey, like ginger beer, though surprisingly, not sweet...perfect!

    and available in all good supermarkets.

    oh, and you can always add a squeeze of fresh lime...

    you cannot beat a little snifter! now and then, well anytime......

    keep smiling!


  3. hey Dolly,let's drink some together before too long. I'm in Whitstable right now with the admiral , Storm and Poll. Missing your cooking but the swimming's great. xx Rosie


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