Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Oh No - Back In the Saddle Again!

How embarrassing is this?  but my daughter Polly, mother of Lucien (aka Lucky) seemed to think the little chap might enjoy a strangely jolting ride with the odd swerve on the chicanes.  Sad to report, this was the most enthusiasm he mustered; more interested in the fragment of cheese pretzel in my hand when not mystified or alarmed by the experience.  Oh well, looks as though I was enjoying myself and thoroughly relieved that we didn't have to call the AA (that's the automobile breakdown service where I come from).

We were at Winter WonderhellLand in London's Hyde Park on Sunday, jostling pushchairs with a thousand others, high on the aroma of roasting chestnuts, fresh-fried donuts and hot Bavarian sausage.  Oh it was good, really, but not for too long. Lucky and I escaped to the Serpentine lake to feed the water birds and marvel at the way seagulls will take morsels of pink iced bun on the wing. (Not a good day for my diet or theirs for that matter.) Polly braved  the swelling crowd and took her five-year old Storm on various attractions.  Three quid to go down a slide the height of Mont Blanc (not) proves the Eurozone economic crisis hasn't quite hit home yet.  Her pictures of the day at her blog A Caged Bird Sings here.


  1. Now thats a much safer horse!

  2. Has anyone ever told you, darling, that you have a nice seat?

  3. Erm, not recently Blue! It had to be a reindeer in an amusement park that
    proved it..

  4. I suppose the choice of steed with that name was purely accidental?

  5. Columnist, that's probably one of the nicest compliments I've had. x


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