Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nature Morte

Please look away now if you don't like ex-animals (below).  I painted them  at The Prince's Drawing School  in Shoreditch under the tutelage of Henry Gibbons Guy who  gave them a poignant Chardin style setting in the changing light of our fourth-floor studio.  

The artists' prey was contributed by the wonderful Delia, one of our fellow students, who brought it from Norfolk via her London deep freeze.  Where a squirrel or a rabbit needed  post mortem first aid, as it were, she would gently bathe it and then blow dry the fur with her hairdryer.  As a gesture towards students who might be squeamish, it was a fine one.Nobody could say that our models didn't look pristine and peaceful.

All images © Rosie West


  1. Excellent paintings and interesting ideas. Nice post too!

  2. Very well executed if I may say so, (and quite literally too, in one sense). I was slightly surprised by the dayglo colours on The Prince's Drawing School website, but I suppose I should not have been. The school is one of a host of charities within the Prince's Trust, of which I heartily approve, and is a further testament to his beneficial influence on life in Britain. I may have posted this twice, as my computer glitched as I clicked on "Post Comment". Delete whichever is the least written!

  3. I would never want to delete you Columnist! But thanks for another amusing comment. I agree with you about the Prince's Trust and its reach in improving life for so many. Even for me at this superb drawing school.
    And any critic of the Prince of Wales should watch him talking to a room full of strangers at a charity or military function where he is relaxed, warm, jolly and always interested. It's hard work but he makes it look effortless.

  4. If the drawing school could use a few frozen rodents, I'm deliberating on whether to ice some squirrels who've invaded my studio, scratching around in the attic and leaking fluids.
    It might help me pull the trigger if I thought I had some better reason than sheer malice.


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