Friday, 2 December 2011

Great Colour Combos : Vermillion/Cerulean

One of my favourite colour combinations, always connected in my mind to Tri-ang Toys  and anything tin really...

Cerulean (sir-roo-le-on) is a handy word for something that's not quite turquoise, not quite sky blue despite its probable derivation from the Latin caelum = sky. 

Vermillion - something deliciously bright that's not quite scarlet, not really orange.  (I might be stretching it sometimes, I know.)

Other Great Colour Combos here

[Images are leaves from my scrapbook.  Forgive me not attributing them.]


  1. If you remember an old tv show called The Persuaders with Tony Curtis and Roger Moore, they shot a lot of scenes in a room with these exact shades.

  2. Thanks Meg. Just checked out the curtains post. I love these connections.

  3. I think I'd like the colour for the word cerulean alone, or possibly for my collection of tractors. Their combination in an interior design scheme is startling in Persian rugs, (even if a slightly less vibrant hue); maybe that doesn't count?

  4. Meant to add this link:

  5. Oh I think it does count, Columnist. We like tonal variations - Persian rugs so much easier to live with than tractors.

  6. Love the toys -great colors -and that magnificent (venetian?)glass vase -and all of my favorite movies! You made my day as always.


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