Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Triumph of Hope over Experience II

Germany 4 : England 1

And the man who painted the front of his cottage in Bray white with a red cross over it will be opening a new tin of Farrow & Ball tomorrow.

The South African sun sets over England's World Cup hopes.

We was horribly robbed of our second goal.  But we shouldn't have played 4 - 4 -2 .  But what does that mean?

"We  have to go back to factory settings."

 Oh dearie dear, as the commentator on my radio kept saying. "We might as well bring David Beckham on in his suit." There's apoplexy breaking out in every pub in the land.  I feel the pain of our supporters but truth to tell I can't really care.


  1. Oh! Sports! Took me a moment. Not a language I speak.

  2. Dilettante, I agree. I usually fumble that language as I would any kind of ball.

  3. Love the Farrow and Ball comment!! I didn't think we'd beat Germany and even if we did, I doubt we'd have a hope in hell against Argentina. xx

  4. Spot on, Christina. It just occurred to me that those pubs are gonna miss another major drinking opportunity now.

  5. Oh, of course, Farrow and BALL paint...

  6. Oh yes of course, DED, I like to theme things. Actually I hadn't spotted that. Good shot, sir.

  7. I had an image of a guy with a cross across his face. Watched the game at brekkie yesterday. it was sad.


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