Friday, 25 June 2010

In Berkeley Square...

A nightingale sang...

And in Moscow.  I always wondered how a nightingale really sang.  Wait for its sublime little voice to


  1. Mad about that tune.
    "When two lovers meet in Mayfair, so the legend tells..."
    Do those nightingales still sing in Berkeley Square, I wonder,
    and can they be heard above the ceaseless roar of traffic?
    Not that it really matters, when that song inspires a pretty
    watercolour by RW.

  2. Mr. Worthington, why wouldn't I think of you when I played that tune? I hope you approved of the Nat King Cole cover ( despite the ghastly visual aids) or is there a more definitive version? I could have chosen Vera Lynn but somehow I didn't...

  3. Since you've asked, I'd say that the definitive version of that song
    was done by Leslie A Hutchinson, aka "Hutch". Which is to say,
    it's easy to imagine the atmosphere of a smart London nightclub
    with Hutch at the piano, a stone's through from where those nightingales
    allegedly sang. Rosemary Clooney did a fine rendition as well.

  4. I was going to send you a link to a performance of Le Rossignol, but the "ghastly visual aids" were overwhelming. It requires some serious effort to ruin the effect of a nice Stravinsky piece, but damn if they didn't succeed.

    You get a sense of that bird's pleasure in it's life. That's good draughtsmanship.

  5. rurritable, you're right. I could only just bring myself to put up that you tube clip but forgot to tell people to wear a blindfold. And thank you for the compliment.


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