Sunday, 7 March 2010

TEA PARTY : The Preferred Option


  1. Might I say, as someone currently living in Boston, bearing witness to a rather unpalatable national right-wing movement that invokes this city's most famous event in order to identify itself, that all of your pictures here are preferred.

  2. Our current tea partiers seem to have forgotten the Boston variety were enlightenment horndogs protesting a monopoly.They were probably drinking, and having as much fun as they could under the circumstances. It requires a generous rewrite of history to place humorless evangelical racists in a similar context. I wish they would go away.
    BTW, looks like Alice is really raking in the money this weekend.

  3. Vir and Beatum, glad I pressed the right button. Perhaps I should have included the Boston Teaparty but then I am English!


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