Friday, 19 March 2010

Comic Moments

This is work in progress.  I have just finished a short course in 'sequential' art Drawing The Graphic Novel at The Prince's Drawing School in London with delightful Emily Haworth Booth as tutor.   Novel, ha.  I balk at the idea of such a massive project for this little vignette took me rather a long time.  I had to finish it hurriedly hence the scruffiness;  and it didn't quite fit on my scanner, hence the missing lines on the panels.  I know I should re-draw it and get all the faces to match but for now it's simply the work of a beginner. 
So I present The Lady and The Jurassic Ambassador.  Any likeness to any real ambassador is purely coincidental  [Click on the images to enlarge]

© Rosie West 2010


  1. anything for your country! rule Britannia. these are quite good!gaye

  2. Absolutely Gaye. Keep talking and 'think of England'.

  3. These are better than quite good Rose - for your first try I would say they are bloody excellent! Stop being such a perfectionist - it can hold you back, they don't need to be re-drawn and are not scruffy - ok, for publication you would put it in boxes but aside from that it's perfect. It flows and one is not looking hard to spot the differences in the way the characters look!
    More I say, more more.....

  4. Excellent,Rose. Just tell me the male character isn't based on Conrad Black.
    Chris Onstad does both traditional four or five panel cartoons that occasionally merge into a graphic short story. This is the one that caught me up in his work. I think he may even manage to eke a living out of it.
    This one goes on for a bit.

  5. Oh, Lady West, you didn't!!
    Brilliant. Loved every frame.
    More, please!

  6. Thank you, thank you everyone for giving me the confidence to carry on.

    I can recommend rurritable's reference, Achewood, for something very different but hilarious. '..redistrict the comfort zone' - genius.

  7. Come, come now, Lady West. I'm seeing this series on BBC.

  8. Home, you're too kind. I hope I can erm crank myself up to doing something else.

  9. Fabulous! And the characters follow through perfectly. Lovely Style you have as always. Please post the next "Art of Conversation"


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