Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What else are friends for?

I spoke to an old friend today who observed that my blog was getting 'drippy'. Not quite Jam & Jerusalem yet (that's the mantra of the Women's Institute. Jelly & Jerusalem, for my US chums, sounds even better.) But cats! And teddies, oh please! I might tell you, thank you very much, that that teddy was faintly subversive and disrespectful towards pigeons.

I so wish I had thought of the self-satirising strapline of Rurritable "Another Wimpy Cat-Blogger". Here is a man hewing out a rustic life in North Carolina or is it Virginia, somewhere like that, spewing out the most elegantly foul-mouthed political rants and wrestling with the egos of a couple of independently-minded mules with super-sized pizzles. So try out Rurritable for some more muscular animal fun and some of the best writing around. And I forgot to say he's an artist. Blimey.


  1. Thank you, Rose. I'm actually just slightly south of the NC/Virginia border, which makes me one of the targets of William Byrd's acerbity:
    "When the weather is mild, they stand leaning with both their arms upon the corn-field fence, and gravely consider whether they had best go and take a Small Heat at the Hough: but generally find reasons to put it off till another time.”
    Still true some 300 years later.

  2. What a great blog! Wanted to follow it/subscribe to it but couldn't work out how - damn those wordpress blogs! LOL. Yes Lady Rose, I think you need to let you acid tongue do it's work more often and stop talking about pink and bunny rabbits, tell us what you really think.......


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