Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Boxing Clever : The Most Famous Cat in Japan

Maru has already gone viral on You Tube but if you haven't already discovered this most nosy cat with a box fetish, do have a look. It's beautifully filmed in Japan. Check out Maru's many other performances and try not to laugh. Even if you're not a cat-person.

Thanks to Tony at The London Lifedrawing Society who recommended Maru to me last night at The Star of Bethnal Green, our Monday night venue.


  1. this cat is a star-lots of youtube vids under his belt. I must say this puss looks just like the Japanese cat shaped teapots- He is very Japanese. GT

  2. What makes this cat a star I think is that it's no longer a kitten but not the couch potato that many cats become.

  3. TRY not to laugh .... .

  4. I am obsessed with Maru - I could just watch him for hours and hours...almost like a meditation...


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