Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Blues and the Pinks

I'm the sort of person who doesn't know whether it's Monday or Thursday and then it turns out to be Wednesday. But this weekend I became painfully aware that it had started with Friday the 13th. My son's girlfriend had her handbag (with most of her life in it) stolen in the pub; the rains came and the roof leaked into one of the bedrooms; my other house guest has been chasing up her mobile possibly left in a taxi. It's been a surreal couple of days of drifting through a sense of helplessness and anxiety and doing damage control in the attic. But worse things happen at sea, I know.

So to cheer myself up I have found Julie Garland's Trolley Song from the 1944 film Meet Me In St Louis. I love that woman in the green with the pink buttons and the whole thing puts me in a candy-coloured mood.

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  1. I can relate to the confusion of days & the leaks-storm with wind and rain brought out the drips and buckets. You'd think we were under the same roof. G

  2. Several years ago I had to face it: our wood shake roof, although lovely to look at, was at closer inspection a goner. I put a 50-year asphalt roof on it. It took that much money to get it not to look flatter than a tortilla. My two complaints: it took the money for my wished for my entire marriage (34 years) range AND there's a guarantee for the roof to reach another 50 years, but, alas not for me! Bummer!

  3. HBD - Nice to leave something for posterity, I guess. Poor you! I haven't assessed the damage on ours yet.

  4. There is no better remedy for chasing the blues away than drawing the curtains closed and looking at a film made prior to 1950~ and preferably in blissful black and white, making an exception for Meet Me In St Louis, of course. As James Mason said at Judy's funeral, "her great gift was the ability to wring tears from men with hearts of stone."


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