Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tower Bridge Nightmare Jump

I am one of those people who can't go near a platform's edge or a precipice without toying with the idea of being pushed or tripping or jumping into the abyss. Similarly, when driving over Tower Bridge, I just can't help wondering whether it might just open and if I've just got enough speed j u s t to make it over..

Well here is someone who must have contemplated it with a certain degree of precision. After months of secret planning, Australian motorcross star Robbie Maddison bridged the gap at three in the morning of 13th July. He was allowed very little time to perform the stunt -well it was over in the death-defying blink of an eye - and there was no prior publicity. Consequently very few spectators saw this extraordinary moment (of madness) but it was expertly documented as you will see.

I forgot to tell you he'd include a backflip

Look No Hands! omigod

Interesting architecture (I can't look)


See the heart-stopping footage here.

All images and video courtesy Sky News


  1. I get ill just riding in elevators.

  2. Rose, give me your hand,Step away from the edge Oh my- I knew we where kindred spirits, yes, I toy with this too- twisted great minds?, and yet this is the one that can not abide the back seat of a car.


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