Thursday, 30 July 2009

Oi Punk! Toothpaste Girls In Town

I wrote here about my niece Julia (in the white shades) who is a member of the sensational girl band Las Kellies from Argentina. The world tour included Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and most recently here in London at The Urban Bar in Whitechapel and Trinity Church in Bristol. Their indie punk sound and cheerleading style guarantees a reaction which manifests itself in dancing .. even in Paris which is some kind of a record. I saw them dressed as cave girls with papier maché bones in their hair, but I *love* the toothpaste look.

*Interior Design* note : The Kellies' number OLD MAN features a very moving tablescape in this Video

This is a drawing I did of Julia when we were on holiday in June in France

Here is one of her drawings from her UGLY BUNNY oeuvre

Credit: Toothpaste girls from


  1. ah youth! Nieces keep us young, Love the

  2. Thanks la. Took me a while to decide what to wear to their gig!

  3. Hmm, well a navy/white striped Breton long sleeve top and black wide by not quite bell-bottom trousers; with mock Chanel pumps (white with black shiny toe caps) My son made me remove the chunky Coco style pearls on the grounds that
    where did I think I was going, this was an east end bar with a young scruffy clientele. I said, when you get to my age all you can do is be yourself so pipe down. As it turned out, I felt absolutely fine and nobody took any notice of me as I had suspected. And I was neither hot nor cold.


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