Saturday, 18 July 2009

R I P Henry Allingham

Henry Allingham, the World's oldest man at 113, died this morning. We were hoping to see him last week at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party to mark the Centenary of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm which Henry joined in 1915. He was not well enough to attend but I talked to Dennis and Brenda Goodwin his greatest friends and supporters who would have brought him to the event.

They have looked after all the veterans of World War I and helped to give them the recognition they deserve, a marvellous achievement that deserves our gratitude. They will be devastated by the loss of an inspiring and gracious old gentleman and I want to send them my condolences here. I have written about Henry Allingham here
and the BBC has marked his death here with a poignant video of his life and times. You can see Dennis and Brenda at his side, accompanying him, pushing his wheelchair, making his public appearances possible.

Farewell Henry - you embodied the stoicism and sacrifice of all our servicemen and the Nation mourns your passing.


  1. He lived a long and noble life. I read of him at length, thanks to you, and found him absolutely grand. Surely all in Heaven are rejoicing in his arrival.

  2. Wonderful that his reputation has spread across the Atlantic. Well, I think he's an inspiration to the world. Loved your tribute, thank you.

  3. Thank you Townhouselady. He certainly deserves to.


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