Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunday Supplement: Sheep May Safely Graze

These images of sheep are taken from my sketchbook. I belong to a group of artists in Hampshire (UK) that I call the Pedigree Chums. Last spring we went to a local farm to draw a range of livestock so here is a selection that I've coloured and edited and which seem appropriate to the time of year.


  1. Hi Rosie
    Your images are charming and captivating. Good work. Thanks so much for adding me to your List of Favourite Blogs and for dropping by and commenting. I love your Blog and will add you as a fav to mine.
    Easter Wishes to you,

  2. Patricia, thank you! I'm very flattered by your interest.

  3. What wonderful sheep, just in time for fresh green grass. I love your collection of lambs.
    Fine blog here and wishing you happiness. Thanks for your kind comment in regard to "tastemakers" - loved your comment.


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