Sunday, 12 April 2009

All The Presidents' Dogs

The Guardian website is fantastic! I've raided it again for archive pictures of Bo the Portuguese Water puppy's predogcessors..

The Obama family meet Bo at The White House

President Herbert Hoover with the First Lady and their dogs 1932. Photo: AP

President Franklin D Roosevelt and Eleanor with Meggie 1933. Photo: AP

President Lyndon B Johnson holds Her by the ears watched by his other dog Him 1964. This picture famously engendered criticism from dog lovers. They probably objected to the names as well? Photo: Charles P Gorry/AP

President Richard Nixon in 1970 with L to R Irish setter King Timahoe, Yorkshire terrier Pasha and French poodle Vicky. Photo: Pictorial Parade/Getty

President Gerald Ford and his daughter Susan with their golden retriever in 1974.
Photo: John Duricka/AP

President Ronald Reagan and Nancy with Lucky 1985. Photo: Ron Edmonds/AP

Vice-president George Bush with Barbara holding the family dog in 1988.
Photo: J Scott Applewhite/AP

President Bill Clinton giving his dog Buddy a kiss in 1998.
Photo: Paul J Richards/AFP/Getty Images

President George W Bush and Laura with their telegenic pets Barney and Miss Beazley 2006.
Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Top: The Obama family's long awaited six-month old Portuguese Water Dog, a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy. Photo: Pete Souza/The White House


  1. We were just speaking of the arrival of the Obama "dog" and what a wonderful breed they are. I have a friend who adores her dog, same breed, the 3rd one in the family.
    Love all the presidential dog photos.

  2. Thanks for you paw print on my blog! Rosie

  3. i love the guardian's pictures. there's always something interesting in there.

  4. Inspired curating RCLV!
    That pic of LBJ, with 'Him' and 'Her'.. and the flunkeys looking on..! Its surreal and amazing!


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