Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Photographic Object

These strange interventions into discarded portraits are by artist Maurizio Anzeri (Italy, b. 1969) whose embroidered embellishments challenge the conventional function of photography as a surface that reproduces the external world.

Forgotten lives take on the artist's own experience, a new psychological intensity and a different materiality. His work along with that of other artists including Gerhard Richter (Germany, b.1932), Wolfgang Tillmans (Germany, b.1968), Andy Warhol (USA, 1928 - 1987) and Catherine Yass (UK, b.1963) is showing at The Photographer's Gallery, Ramillies St, London from 24 April to June.

Untitled from The Family Day Series, 2008 © The artist

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Family album 2008


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  1. It reminds me a bit of your embroidered Doris Day images - d'you remember?

  2. Ah yes, wasn't that a bugle beaded version of Joan Crawford as Jonny Guitar?!

  3. These pictures make me feel quite uncomfortable, but I supposed that's the point of them to take you out of your comfort zone? Great blogging Lady West. x

  4. I agree they're disturbing, some more than others. I don't necessarily like them all either, hate the one of the old man but enjoy the little boy. I really can't decide whether these are valid interventions or whether it's just bollocks. Interesting.

  5. Those pictures by #Anzeri! I had never seen those. They are incredible! At the Photographers' Gallery you say? I will get myself down there.
    Top curating again RCLV!
    Lets have a bit more comment on the Blog though. Some acerbic observations, some outright bitchiness! We love it..



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