Saturday, 30 July 2011

What Are They Looking At?

In Edinburgh today...

Miss Zara Phillips, the Queen's granddaughter, thirteenth in line to the throne and champion equestrian arriving at  Canongate Kirk for her marriage to Mike Tindall, captain of the English Rugby team.

Princesses Eugenie & Beatrice

Now, hands up if you own a pair of 'nude' patent leather  heels  !

After being so rude about  milliner Philip Treacy the other day, I do rather love
The Duchess of Cornwall's hat.

The mother of the bride Princess Anne who has a very individual style.  I have always suspected she's dressed by an upholsterer.  I also happen to think she's a fantastic no-nonsense role model.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex.  Sophie's normally discreet style has been attacked
by aliens.

Amy Williams, apparently a champion skeleton racer.  A what  ..?  Has she just been in an argument with a chicken coop?

A soap star called Katherine Kelly looking just ever so slightly too good to be true

Nathalie Pinkham - scroll down so you can't see that hat because the dress is lovely

Kirsty Gallagher sporting a little green Martian number  with her man who has forgotten to put his photo ID  away.  Yes, you even have to prove you're not a terrorist at royal weddings.

Her Majesty in her chaussures de nos jours

Sir Jackie and Lady Stewart.  I am bored with the shoe gag now but who'd notice hers
next to those cheeky tartan hose? 

The Bride and Groom.  Their kids won't necessarily get that nose - unless they play rugby too.

 Top image courtesy The Guardian and the rest courtesy The Daily Mail


  1. I remember standing outside Westminster Abbey when Princess Ann married Foggy. Couldn't see a darned thing but it was an hour off from the desk thanks to a missive from The Boss. Zara looks very happy - let's hope she has more staying power than her mother, but then Mike Tindall does look as though he has a personality and a sense of humour - he will probably need it!

  2. Vintagemaison - your comment is spot on! I enjoyed your reminiscence of
    Foggy and Anne's nuptials. I was in Hong Kong at the time I seem to remember but got to watch it on telly.

  3. Love the parade of patent leather heels in nude, as well as the millinery & fashions of course!


    Art by Karena

  4. Oh damn, Karena, I should have called in 'nude' not flesh-coloured. shows how fashionable I am.. In fact I am going to change it now! Thank you.

  5. Spot on about the upholsterer and I totally agree about the fantastic role model. Always admired Princess Anne!

    Good to see you back!

  6. "Princess Anne dressed by an upholsterer"!! Hilarious! The Duchess of Cornwall's hat reminds me of a Dr. Seuss bird!

  7. hi Theresa.. or Big Bird in Sesame St.? Your blog is great by the way.

  8. Rosie- mostly that bride looks so happy-as does the groom-dare I say they "look alike" in that way supposed soul mates elusively supposedly do. I like Princess Anne-the "yacht" shots show her looking spectacular in her big sunglasses- as if they suit as well as any tiara--Zara's tiara was just so beautiful too-completely beautifully done on all counts. And isn't it "good" that Katherine seems to refuse to be drawn into the "fashion"craze-of being defined by her "outfits" Brava-to "repeating" her wardrobe-imagine-and not in anyway upstaging the Bride? Always love your take-and MISS you when you stay away too long. Gaye

  9. Thank you Gaye - I miss your magisterial blog when I stay away! I agree that Zara's tiara is one of the very best in the royal collection and that the bride and groom look terrifically well suited. Being sports people they no doubt understand each other but fancy having two such competitive spirits in one household! I suppose Mike can always 'take her down' in a flying rugger tackle ha ha.

  10. I think that the funniest thing was the best man, who had been not beaten up on the rugby pitch, but in a moped accident. poor guy.

    loved the tiara, too!

  11. Meg, I hadn't realised that about the Best Man. Thought he was the victim
    of alpha male scrummaging on the pitch.

  12. A most amusing and delightful post. I enjoyed your cheeky comments, and also your genuine pleasure in the event and the people. It will be too soon if I never see another fascinator. Reggie

  13. Zara was a beautiful bride, but really, she ought to have banned
    her cousins (Beatrice and Eugenie) from the proceedings! Utterly
    grotesque, those goofy princesses....

  14. Reggie, I couldn't agree more about fascinators and satellite dishes. Lovely to hear from you !

  15. Mr Worthington, I know, I know! It's a shame because they're quite sweet young women. But they'd be well advised to keep out of the sartorial limelight.

  16. I thought Zara was lovely. Loved the upholster comment about Princess Anne, although I thought her wedding gown was elegant in a rather medieval/monastic sort of way. The best pic was the kilt. Can never have too much plaid.

  17. Home! Lovely to hear from you, thank you. I agree about Zara's dress - a rather curious but successful wide band of satin round the hem. And I am glad she had that shoulder feature to save it from being yet another strapless number.

  18. At first I thought Jackie Stewart was a bit extreme (leaning toward some of the second home furnishings of the states) but then I imagine my relatives showing up to one of these things. I would have to sympathize with any national resistance to a transatlantic causeway.

  19. rurritable - there's no answer to that!

  20. Looking at the trousers in the photos I'm astonished at the number with hems puddling over the shoes. Prince Harry's are awful.
    And Prince Charles for god's sake, all that money he spends at high-end Savile Row tailor Anderson and Sheppard and he comes out looking like he went to the local wedding-hire shop.


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