Sunday, 12 June 2011

Giddy UP

In haste before pushing off for a week's holiday. It's that horsey thing again.  Fascinated by them but still pretty scared of them.  I did the first four sketches at one of London's greatest inner city patches of countryside, Mudchute Farm on the Isle of Dogs.  It's attractive, clean and lacks officiousness - great atmosphere.

Marvellous stableyard with over a dozen horses sticking their heads out to be drawn, nicely framed by the darkness of their boxes.  

And some were  patiently being groomed

Others a little impatient to be out

There were young women and little girls were busying themselves in the way that always fascinates me: that slightly self-important way of pushing wheelbarrows, bossing noble creatures around as if they were toddlers and negotiating the hierarchy between themselves.

Finally, my tribute to Stubbs and Ucello from drawing at the National Gallery the other day. It's free!  I recommend it.


  1. Really wonderful I love drawings and painting of these majestic creatures. Your last is excellent!!

    Art by Karena

    I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

  2. I think I just heard a neigh, those are gorgeous!
    Love all animals, but a horse is so majestic and regal.

  3. What lovely sketches - thanks for sharing them. You are very talented. Do you exhibit/sell your work?

  4. Good work Rose. You got the hocks just right. Your studies of Ucello paid off handsomely. They're clearly defining that vanishing point.
    I've been thinking of making a large copy of one of Ucello's hunting paintings as a fake tapestry.
    I always think of his equestrian paintings as sightly Arabesque.

  5. Everyone - thank you for your encouragement which is always appreciated.
    I haven't shown or sold any of these horse drawings as I feel I am only just beginning to understand the form. I must, I will I guess!

  6. Hello:
    These drawings are absolutely engaging. We love the vitality, expression and movement to be found in them all. Especially appealing, to us, is your delightful little watercolour of a prancing horse.

  7. Jane and Lance H - thank you for that kind compliment. The prancing horse is a pale imitation of Stubbs' famous lifesize 'Whistlejacket' in the National Gallery.

  8. Hello lovely Ros(i)e, I gaze at another of your fine drawings when brushing my teeth, lucky me. Really just checking in as have failed to be in touch, hope the holiday is/was jolly and provided further creative stimulus, am as always so impressed by your endeavours.

  9. Hello lovely Anonynonnyno! How can you send me such a lovely message and not reveal which of my million toothbrushing fans you are?? Oh please do. or email.

  10. We're quite partial to the giant, eating and manure producing behemoths. Nothing to be afraid of, just good to remember it's sort of like spending time around a 1200 pound poodle. Your drawings are fantastic. Even in the quickie gestural sketch (#3) you have a real eye for what a horse actually looks like and how they move. Thank you!

  11. Hello - I have just fallen in love with your blog, reading back to front so-to-speak. Love your horses, your everything. Feeling a kindred sensibility I can only say thank you and please press on with your blog, it's just wonderful.


  12. J & G - I will remember your advice but thank you for a kind compliment.
    Just had a quick shufti of your blog which is lush and I will return when I get back from the market.

  13. Ann in SF - what an absolutely lovely comment, thank you! I do need encouragement to press on sometimes and much appreciate it. x

  14. Wonderful sketches as always Rosie.

    I've always meant to visit Mudchute Farm, do you know if you can go riding? I miss it so much xx

  15. Christina, oh yes they certainly do riding lessons there. I don't know about the rest but there are a lot of horses in very good condition it seems to me.

  16. Beautiful drawings, Rita, my associate, is crazy about horses, I'm saving these images for her.
    Great blog, fantastic post.


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