Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Something for Everyone?

I am happy to present this ludicrously wonderful Best Coast video on the recommendation of a friend, rather more au courant than me.  


  1. Quite a jump, from Syrie's World to this one! But is it really au courant?
    I'd guess 'early 80s courant but what do I know of the modern world...

  2. Toby, it's confusing isn't it. I gather Best Coast is an indie pop band based in California who have been around for about two years. Where this video comes from, I've no idea. Maybe somebody else put it together with the song on you-tube as I've also seen a contemporary video (starring the singer and a Ronald MacDonald lookalike) that goes with the song. You see, I know very little about these things myself!

  3. It comes from a film - I've seen it, it's french and I think it has Catherine D in it.

  4. Ah thanks Polly - we're slowly solving the puzzle.

  5. I was wondering how they got that depth of color. I guess that was shot in panavision. When the music first started I thought Best Coast might be one of this young woman's side projects,
    but only for an instant:

  6. I am a sucker for those washed out pastels and yes, I wondered how a modern group could have recreated this. All revealed in the next post!


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