Friday, 21 January 2011

The Bearable Lightness of Being

Mindfulness Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, me?  Well oddly enough, yes.  I signed up for the course only because I like and admire Steve Wasserman who takes it. (Try anything once
except folk dancing and incest, I agree with Woody Allen.)  Steve is the author of the comic strip Prozacville here which is wickedly funny, neurotic, obscene and brilliant.  All the things I love.  Disappointingly, but understandably, he has a much gentler persona as a therapist. Who could fault him for that?  Anyway he's still clever, amusing and articulate.

I'm afraid I told him I could think of nothing more ghastly than achieving serenity in a group but they turned out to be a very agreeable bunch and I'm now majoring on the serenity in my daily homework - or 'practice' as I think it should be called. It involves listening to another gentle chap giving instructions through my computer.  So this is what happened on my first attempt.  I tried to  imagine breathing out through the top of my head amongst other things and when I woke up I felt refreshed and determined to be 'mindful'.

Next day, the bell went ding and my computer launched into 'Sit Down, Sit Down, Sit Down,
Sit down! Sit down you're rocking the boat!'   I suddenly thought 'But I WANT  to rock the boat!'  Clearly it's all doing me a lot of good.

Find out more about London-based Steve Wasserman and MCBT here


  1. So that is where you have been!
    Missed your posts.

  2. Concrete, thank you! Yes I've been up to good instead of no good for a change.

  3. Serenity's not all it's cracked up to be, I've heard. Give me a good old fashioned rambunctiousness any day!

  4. Blue, being the divided self I always have been, I have to agree with that as well.

  5. Serenity one day, madcap adventure the next~that's the ticket.
    Loved the drawings and in fact the whole tone of this presentation.
    Promise us you'll continue to share your Inner Life in comic strip form.

  6. Toby Worthington, it's good to have such wonderful feedback, thank you.. especially the reassurance that you're making sense and not going a little potty.

  7. Dear Rosie, you always make perfect sense. Do share more of this with us. Love your comic strip xx

  8. a visit chez vous - always makes me smile!

  9. Hey Antiques Diva! Great to see your name around here after too long. And thank you.

  10. Hi Rose,

    your cartoons are really cool. What i impressed most is your idea to share your expereance with other people in such a intresting way, i hope who ever read this blog will take up mindfuleness course and change their life for good


  11. Chandra, thanks for your kind remarks. One really feels like sharing this course with everyone!


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