Sunday, 28 November 2010

Seasonal Stuff & Nonsense

Wreathed in smiles...

I bought this delicious festive nonsense in Broadway Market (London) yesterday

from Bernie Malone an old friend of mine. At first I thought, what's she doing selling Christmas wreaths?  until I drew closer and noticed how witty and brilliant they were. That's a pink scouring pad at the top.    

They are made by Bernie and  Madeline Herbert, both notable artists,  so for anything between ten and thirty notes (depending on the size and illuminations)  you are getting rather more than a door decoration I can't help thinking.  

Something more on the traditional side here

And, finally,  another Christmas send-up..

Gorgeous, no?

Find the whole collection here


  1. Blimey! Evergreen wreaths always make me think of funerals and damp dripping days so these are a pretty nice change. A pink pan scrubber - there's a whole series of posts in that one - "Scrubbers I have known"

  2. Thanks Polly - you can borrow it next year!

  3. Dear Rosie, they are completely fabulous! I want one! xx

  4. Christina, call the number on the poster, do. They'd be thrilled.

  5. oh these are so marvelous -i love the witty ones - that hot pink! oo la la! My favorite however is probably the top one.I love the use of the scouring pad! It just may be time for me to get crafty, although my apartment doesnt' allow us to hang wreaths on our doors; i had mine confiscated 3 years ago -the pricks.

  6. I'm partial to the one with the plastic dairy cow.


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