Monday, 8 November 2010

Good Works: Me? At Buckingham Palace?

I  have just come across a note I scribbled whilst raising money for the RNLI  a few years back. Lady Somebody-or-Other nobbled me to turn up at 7 am at the Buckingham Palace tradesmen's entrance with a roll of stickers and seduce hapless Palace employees into putting money in my bucket.  Any time before 11 am (that point when I can generally manage to talk) is clearly out of my comfort zone so I accounted this expedition way beyond the call of duty. Besides, I wasn't best pleased to get Below Stairs as my station, fondly hoping to bump into the Queen or at least a brace of corgis.  (At least on this occasion I didn't have to wear yellow oilskins and a comedy red life-vest as I was once did outside Westminster Tube.)

Life Boat Flag Day 7.30 am  B Palace

Looking alert: resting one buttock on maroon baize table rather than settling passively onto  slightly tacky gilt chair with red satin seat.  I feel like a BBC anchor woman at such a positive angle.

I like the men who burrow through layers of mac/overcoat to find a suitable lapel for my sticker.

Always try to establish eye contact.

Strangely unregal and unromantic vestibule.. pipework, lino, fire extinguishers etc.

Someone drops a knob of butter off his toast onto the lino - I point out its presence to a footman and two housemaids but it's ignored.  I clean it up finally with the waxed paper from my stickers.

Yow!   A footman and a groom together  His jodhpurs marked all along the saddle area.

*    *    *


  1. Dear Rose, thank you for cheering up a dreary day with your humour. Just as well you were there with your wax paper to sort that knob of butter out! xx

    PS. I have something for you when we meet. How tall are you?

  2. Thank you Christina. That sounds most intriguing. I'll email you!

  3. First time I've laughed since our state elected, by a minority vote, the horrible bumptious male Palin equivalent. I may yet myself apply to her majesty for political asylum

  4. DED - Let me welcome you over on behalf of Her Majesty. I am sorry about your election results.

  5. I second Down East Dilettante. We just returned a seedy furniture salesman type to the Senate. He's a Burr, as in Burr, Aaron. Related to him, too. And that pretty much says it all.
    Send a couple of those lifeboats this way, if you have any to spare.

  6. Depressing news from your side of the pond,eh. Thanks, as always, for your comment rurritable.

  7. RNLI ROCKS! The Atlantic 21(?) boats were developed at Atlantic College where i workes and we had a hugely active RNLI group because of the tides on the Bristol Channel. And one of our grads was the first female RNLI staffer on the Thames in London.


  8. Meg, absolutely! And Atlantic College a sterling institution. Trouble is everyone thinks that the RNLI have too much money among the charities, but they work within close limits of their income.

  9. OT, Rose, but I thought you might enjoy this:

  10. Thanks for the laugh!


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