Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Holiday Wardrobe

'There's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.' (Trust the Norwegians to coin such a phrase.) Most of us got it right for a pre-breakfast walk in the drizzle along the cliff path.  But someone decided that to save on washing (eight days in our delightful rural siberia sans  electricity,  sans water even that didn't have to be pumped out of the rainwater tank by hand) he'd dispense with one of his precious pairs of trousers. We decided later that it was just as well that my small grandson hadn't gone out alone with his grandfather,  yikes.  (I've illustrated his shorts just to prove he was wearing some.)  

Young Storm, appropriately named for the abysmal weather that luckily didn't coincide with our arrival but kept us housebound playing SNAP the second day, became the most elegant person on this stretch of National Trust coastline. Being a bit chesty, we fashioned a blue and white silk spotted scarf of mine into a cravat for him and he was quite oblivious of looking like Cary Grant.

The next day I set off for a little painting en plein air.

Ah but the next day dawned fine and clear and Olivia woke early.  This was partly because she had retired at nine fed up with listening to Radio 4 in the guttering candlelight, partly because she had to share the other double bed with a restless Storm who was kicking her tummy.  Dressed casually for the weather then, she wandered out onto the cliff with her large Canon to capture the dawn.  Imagine the surprise of a keep-fit fanatic on his wordless encounter with a tousle-haired seven-month pregnant woman in a nightdress apparently waiting to take his picture at 6 am.  I suppose it gave him something to think about on his long run home.

Actually, we had a spiffing time all in all.

Images © Rosie West


  1. Trousers are just redundant.
    I think it's cool you can actually keep a complex visual record with sketches. I'd get a hummock or a seabird or two and call it a day.

  2. I seem to remember we've discussed trousers being redundant before! I don't always make a record with sketches but now you're encouraging me to keep it up, thank you.

  3. Highly appropriate dress for the occasion-that is a part of great style. Though I follow fashion-it intrigues me all the historical references that repeat constantly, But Keeping up with it is too time consuming-hard work. Looks like a happy holiday any time Cary Grant is on board-it has to be. pgt

  4. Gaye, I loved fashion for many years but rarely find it a pleasure these days. It's not that I can't really wear it, mainly the way it's presented now.
    Just can't take the gormless victim stances in the magazines and the sick circus ponies on the runway. Yes appropriate dress is certainly part of great style. I would dress permanently in 50s couture and Katharine Hepburn pants if I could.

    Yes, the Cary Grant chap was a delight on holiday but needed a lot of attention. The day I had a sugar rush from eating naughtily all day, I lost my patience. Then I realised why!

  5. Maritime observer4 September 2010 at 18:22

    R-C-L-V! Your previous posting (Outward Bound) was greatly appreciated. Without it I and, I would guess, a number of other people would have wondered when we might expect another item from you. I had a look at Will's 'little film' and it conveyed a great deal about your alternative location, even though that would not appear to have been its primary purpose. And what an attractive, and unusual, rural environment that is.
    Your posting The Holiday Wardrobe is a delight - excellent pictures, entertaining narrative. Thanks.

  6. Dear Rose, who needs trousers when you have a silk spotted scarf cravat? I'm not sure I'd have coped with no electricity, but it sounds like fun. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend xx

  7. What an odd and wonderful blog you have created for us. I love it all.
    X David, NYC

  8. Maritime Observer - glad you are still with me! Thank you.

    Christina - yes, I had a lovely weekend down in Portsmouth. Managed a couple of bathes in the sea Brrrr.. but was wrapped up in self-satisfaction afterwards!

    David McG - how kind of your. I have been to visit you and most impressed by all your illustration.


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