Saturday, 27 February 2010

On My First Birthday..

I interview myself ...

Well done Rosie, you didn't throw in the sponge like you normally do

I know I can't believe I'm still here

Why do you keep blogging?

Because it gives me an excuse to sit up till 2 am running my global personality cult from my kitchen  

So, the name Rose C'est La Vie - what's all that about?

As I mentioned at the beginning, it's a smartass pun on Marcel Duchamp's alter ego Rrose Sélavy. In turn it was his wordplay on 'Eros c'est la vie'.  But I decided not to major on the erotic, tempting as it was.  I'll never be as alluring as her though! 

How did you start off?

I just plunged in with a couple of posts about the joy of opera gloves here and here

What sort of stuff do you write about?

Art, style, name-dropping, my embarrassing moments, the occasional rant, nostalgia and more name-dropping.  And then I put up you-tube clips when I run out of ideas.

And possibly your best post?

Probably the one about the lifting of the ban on gay men and women serving in the Armed Forces. It had the warmest response and and seemed to resonate with some of my favourite readers.

What do you do when you're not blogging?  

Oh don't.  It's embarrassing because I'm a massive time-waster. I ricochet around the blogosphere, I half-read books, draw pictures on my kitchen table and sometimes paint in my studio, try to avoid cooking and write a lot of emails.  Oh, and I am doing a course in 'sequential art' - drawing the graphic novel.  And attempting to make an illustrated catalogue raisonné of all the clothes I have ever owned.  I can't remember if I do anything that would generally be considered useful apart from looking after my adorable grandson who's three and ironing seven shirts a week.

How old are you?

Old enough to know better. And to remember the Beatles.

I'm getting bored now

Can I just give my Oscar speech?

Oh if you have to

I just want to thank all the other gorgeous bloggers who have put me on their favourites' list. Stefan of Architect Design was the first and rescued  me from oblivion.  Gaye Tapp of little augury has featured me an embarrassing number of times and I think everyone will agree what a generous spirit she is.  Then there are special mentions for old pals: Toby Worthington, Emily Evans Eerdmans, Home Before Dark, The Blue Remembered Hills and Rurritable. . sob sob .. all my lovely lovely sweet candy lambs out there!


  1. Great interview!Love the give and take from both interviewer and subject. Gorgeous pearls! Gorgeous Girl! I am so glad to know how much alike we both are in terms of what is really important dabbling in this and that- time squandering- except I can not paint-though I have an art degree-which shows how slack I am and how slack the art dept was at school. xoxo- and I love your candy lambs too. Gaye

  2. happy blog birthday!

    i LOVED your interview....

  3. Happy birthday, Rosie. And I quite agree with you that your post about gays in the military was a lovely and loving tribute that love should be honored wherever found. From one smart-assed punster to another: well done, old girl. At 60, I think I am the older! Happy days to come.

    p.s. I was a feminist from the git-go. However, when my day job threatened my sanity, I retired to my garden. And, yes, some days I iron shirts. I thought that not to do so was in my prenup. Must have missed that one. Small task for having freedom to invent myself and my days. As, I think, you will readily agree. Do carry on. Keeping calm is not a requirement.

  4. la, soodie, and Home - thank you all for you very kind remarks - they make me feel great!

  5. A whole year later, and still as irreverent and cheeky as ever~which explains our eternal devotion.
    Cheers Rosie, and many thanks.

  6. Congrats - it's a joy to read your posts.

    "...looking after my adorable grandson who's three and ironing seven shirts a week..."

    I think this probably contravenes the labour law! :)

    May the forces of inspiration always be with you.

  7. Oh darling, has it really been only a year? I feel like I've known you forever! Congrats and keep at it, I always love reading what you have to say and share with us your fans: your personality and sense of humor shine through and I love it!

  8. Happy birthday, darling. It has been a year of unalloyed pleasure for me and for many others so keep up the good work! If it were not four in the morning and I were not still a bit sozzled after dinner I'd have a glass of fizz in your honour, and alka seltzer isn't quite the thing.

    By the way, if ironing is not quite your favourite activity, Brooks Bros on Regent Street has non-iron cotton shirts that are quite good. They don't last two minutes but ...

    As to the two forks - of course you do.

  9. Mr Worthington, columnist, AD and Blue - Oh, you all know how to make a girl feel a million dollars,thank you! I'm having a marvellous diva's sobfest now.

    Let nobody feel too sorry for me ironing shirts - I don't do much else in the domestic sphere and I confess I rather enjoy the process. I might start writing 'Laundress' when I'm scratching my head as to how to fill in my occupation on forms. Housewife always looks like a false claim.

  10. I like the idea of a graphic novel with your line drawings. At one point I thought it would be interesting to do some illustrations for Penelope Fitzgerald's "The Bookshop", but it quickly became apparent I lacked the sense of place and cultural literacy to make it work. I can easily visualize your illustrations paired with that novel.

  11. Congratulations Rose, I am as proud of you as anyone and I am so fortunate to have such a revered blogging mother to keep spurring me on! You am de best xxx

  12. rurritable, I confess that's one of the books I haven't half-read. I am finding the course a challenge because sequential art is far more subtle, complex and almost devious than it appears. And then there's the actual drawing! I haven't found my graphic voice, as it were, yet but I am hoping it will gradually evolve.

  13. Polskey, my darling daughter thank you. I have been happily challenged by your own blog - it keeps me on my toes.

  14. I love love love me my Rose c'est la vie - keep it coming, girlfriend - there would be a lot less spark and pizazz without you around the neighborhood xoxo EEE

  15. Emily, coming from you that's a delicious compliment thank you. What makes all that faffing around with scanners, image sizes, and the days spent slack-jawed trying to think what I might write, worthwhile is the precious collection of friends I have made in the process.

  16. Ah, AAL how lovely to see you! You know, you were probably the second person to flag me up on your distinguished blog and I was incredibly flattered and grateful.

  17. And many happy returns, I'm sure!

  18. Delightful interview!! Congratulaitons on a first year. You girls, you, LA, and many others so inspire to continue commitment to my blog. It's harder than it looks, so all the more my awe for your milestone. I look forward to what comes next! T

  19. Thank you Thea. We know you've had setbacks but the pheonix is rising from the ashes!

  20. thank you, thank you - your Reggieship

  21. Congratulations Rosie! Keep up the blogging, we love reading it xxxx

  22. I love the idea of a "self" diy interview. I am thrilled that you did not ask yourself any sort of questions that might embarrass you. I hate those sort of Barbara Walters questions which most tend to just sly around and give some vague answer. I love a little mystery.

    Happy 1 year to you and your blog.

  23. Patricia, forgive me taking so long to publish this .. went away! Thank you for your kind comment. Actually, I think I did embarrass myself...?!

  24. Dear Ms. Rose,
    Happy Belated Blog Birthday Wishes!
    New here...after poking around a bit, I think I would very much like some of that Kool Aide. Tea cup or champagne glass would be fine.

  25. Lucinda, it's lovely to hear from one of the best writers out there, thank you.


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