Saturday, 6 February 2010

The British Afloat

I came across this jolly little film of a Battersea Park Gala in the sixties and nearly capsized watching the frolics on the boating lake.

It's a wonderfully dated vignette of innocent summer fun and I hope it will raise your endorphin levels too.  For my British chums of a certain vintage, spot stalwarts of tv entertainment and newscasting and the occasional home-grown film star.  I listed Elsie Tanner, Nicholas Parsons, Sam Kydd, Honor Blackman, Shirley Anne Field and more..  Answers on a postcard please.   

Illustration © Rosie West


  1. I love your illustration. I wish they would still do stuff like that - I have had fun rowing on the Battersea boating lake but these little motor powered run-arounds look fab!

  2. Thanks Polskey. Trouble is nobody's properly dressed on the water these days ho ho.

  3. I spotted HildaBaker but though I recognized most of the faces I have no idea of the names.

  4. I think I recognized Honor Blackman (Was she in one of the Bond films?) But By the end I was just making wild guesses. Brendan Behan? Philip Larkin?
    What's my uncle Ed doing there?
    Definitely pre-litigious society, though.


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